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"ज्ञान का होना और ज्ञान को जीना दोनो अलग बाते हैं।"

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We may receive personal information about you anonymously through our Web Server from the Standard Usage Logs. We may collect the following details about you –
Details such as Date of Birth (D.O.B), First Name, Last Name, Age and other personal information you may have filled in our application form.

Your Contact Details, such as Phone Number, Email Address, Landline Number and so on.
Your Demographic information such as Race, Gender, Marital Status, Age and so on.
Financial details. (Credit/Debit card Number.)

All the information and personal details provided by the Participants is shared with us with regards to making this a good experience for each Participants. We assure you that confidentiality will be maintained and none of the details provided to us will be leaked or shared with any other Participants.

The Information I have shared with the Riechaa Parashar & Co, to the best of my knowledge, is apt and accurate. I have not withheld any information regarding any health symptoms or issues pertaining to my health. I have been thoroughly informed regarding the necessary undertaking during the session.