Riechaa Parashar

"ज्ञान का होना और ज्ञान को जीना दोनो अलग बाते हैं।"

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A curious child, a helpful teen, and a woman on a mission to transform and heal lives- Riechaa Parashar has always believed that nothing is impossible. She has been aware of her own healing capabilities and used them throughout her life to help and heal others. Her journey towards this lane of healing and transforming lives as a Spiritual Guide has been a very fruitful one indeed.

Riechaa Parashar is a divine soul, with a heart of gold- who is born with very special spiritual powers. The name Riechaa got its meaning from the Vedas that is “to praise”. She believes in “oneness” or “Advaita” and she has always believed that “Nothing is Impossible”. She is a pure soul, who has the powers to achieve the impossible. She recognized her Healing Ability alongside her Intuitive Powers at the young age of 10 and since then she has gone on to transform the lives of many around the globe.

Riechaa Parashar has helped more than 2,00,000 people worldwide through her spiritual abilities. She is here to heal people with happiness and a big smile on her face. She has a heart of gold, and eyes in which one can see her pure and divine self. She can cure people from chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, and much more using her healing abilities. Her workshops, courses, and campaigns like ‘Heal Your Heart’, ‘Intuition Course’, and ‘Past Life Regression’ have rejuvenated the will to live a contented life in many all over the world.

Being deeply connected to her own roots, she has managed to revive her own cultural heritage by helping people, because after all, hospitality is the biggest quality that our ancestors believed in. Her motto has been ‘Vishwasya Kalyanam Bhavatu’- may the world thrive in prosperity and her belief in everything and anything is possible is a result of her strong will and her want to help and heal others.