Riechaa Parashar

"ज्ञान का होना और ज्ञान को जीना दोनो अलग बाते हैं।"

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Many a time, it is our body ailments and our emotional instability which hurt and weaken our entire system. We carry the hurt, the grief, and the pain inside our hearts and mind which causes us to withdraw from our day-to-day life. Negative emotions tend to block our process of growing as a human and often threaten our mental health.

The RESET YOUR SYSTEM course has essentially helped people to refocus and shift their concentration on life and progress as human beings. Meditation is the source of charging every energy in the world, it is an ancestral practice that will work miraculously if we implement it in our daily lives.


Many people are unable to attract money due to their belief systems about money and about themselves. The fact is that financial success starts in your mind.

Riechaa Parashar will help you with her special meditation techniques, to know about your belief system, and open up your financial blockages. She will help you to break those beliefs that are creating blockages in your life for receiving abundance.


Heal your heart Meditation has been the source of relief and rejuvenation for many around the country. This Meditation has helped tremendously in urging people to move on from the grief of losing someone and heal the wounds of past trauma.

People who have experienced Heal your Heart meditation have responded better to newly found relationships and have approached already formed relationships with care and compassion.